Garage Door Auto Opener Merlin – WeatherDrive™MR550EVO



Suits single or double roller doors – 3 YEAR WARRANTY

With a market leading weather-resistant IP34 design, the new Merlin WeatherDrive™ has a slimline design to fit into the tightest of spaces whilst also providing LED lighting as standard.

convenient_1.jpg Works every time thanks to Merlin Security+2.0
New Security+2.0 remote transmitters operate reliably under all environment conditions and from a greater distance than ever before. Thanks to the latest multi frequency technology the remote will operate even when there is interference from other wireless devices.
Fast Operation
With a 14 second opening speed* the super fast operation minimises any waiting time. Combined with soft start and stop function, a powerful DC motor and adaptive technology inside the Weather Drive, you can be sure it will work in harmony with your domestic roller door no matter what size or brand.
*Standard 2.3m high door at regular speed
Courtesy Light
Driving into a dark garage and turning off your headlights can be a very dark experience! The Weather Drive with its 9 LEDs providing, energy efficient light that automatically switches on when the door is activated and switches off after 2½ minutes.
75% Less Energy

WeatherDrive™, fully installed $749* Specifications

Input Voltage 240V , 50Hz
Motor Voltage 24V DC with overload protection
Standby Power <1W
Max Peak Pulling Force 500N
Rated Door Area 15.0m2
Max Door Weight 100kg
Radio Frequency 433.30 / 433.92 / 434.54MHz AM
Security Security+2.0 encrypted rolling code
Number of Code Combinations 4.5 billion
Memory Register 64 remotes
Operating Range (open field test) 160m
Timer to Close Option (Requires The Protector System to be fitted) 10 – 180 seconds in 10 sec intervals
Accessory Output 24V DC
Warranty 3 years / 7,500 cycles
Travel Speed 14 seconds(regular speed) 18 seconds(slow speed)
Noise 51dB at 1m
Temporature Range -30 to 50˚C
Lighting 9 LEDs – Automatic operation for 2½ minutes
Drive System Direct drive
Maximum Lifting Height 5.5m
Minimum Side Room (Curtain to bracket, left or right handed) 40mm
Safety Devices Safety Reversal system Manual Release The Protector SystemTM (optional)
Rated Door Area 15.0m2
Max Door Weight 100kg


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