Roller Door Opener Merlin – OverDrive MRC950BBU


Light commercial opener


The extra heavy duty design is made to operate series 2 roller doors up to 25m2 and 5.5m high. No need to open your door the old fashioned way, now there is an affordable solution to fit your existing door.Re-order code: MRC950BBU

Works even when the power is out
Don’t let a power outage lock you out of your garage. With an Evercharge battery backup system* you can always operate your door – even when there has been a power failure.
*optional extra
Slow and Steady Operation
With its slow and steady opening speed the overdrive operates effectively on all doors, even the old ones. Combined with soft start and stop function it is designed for reliable and safe operation on large doors.
Courtesy Light
The Over Drive with its 12 LEDs provides, energy efficient light that automatically switches on when the door is activated and switches off after 2½ minutes.
Quiet and Powerful
Powerful DC motor and reduction gearbox is quiet and built to last. It has the strength to open any type 2 roller door no matter what you have. It is the perfect alternative to manual operation.
ico_3.jpg Automatic Close
Timer to close option automatically closes your door. It can be set to a pre determined time between 1 and 10 minutes. All you have to do to activate this feature is to install the optional safety beams to ensure safe closing after you have left the area.
Safety Reversing System
Your safety and property protection a priority, the Over Drive has automatic safety reversing built in. If the garage door is obstructed while closing, it automatically reverses, if obstructed while opening, the door automatically stops.
Ventilation Mode
Your door can also be stopped at any height to allow for ventilation by simply pressing the remote at any point in the travel to stop the door.
2 Year Warranty
We stand behind our products with a full 2 Year Warranty*, backed by an after sales support team that we believe to be the best in the industry. We can offer this warranty because of our global quality standards, manufacturing quality and continuous improvement processes.
*Conditions Apply
After Sales Support
Our friendly customer service team are exceptionally well trained and strive to offer you the very best level of support. To take advantage of our customer care, contact us on:
AUS: 1800 638 234
NZ: 0800 653 667


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